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Phase I Investigations
Phase I Environmental Site Assessments have become the most widely recognized transactional tool for the environmental evaluation of commercial property. Phase I investigations help insulate property buyers and lenders from liability under certain environmental laws by demonstrating the exercise of due care in evaluating the property for environmental impacts. Also, these Assessments help parties accurately determine the environmental condition of the property with regard to its value and suitability for its intended use.

LOGIC’s Phase I Assessments are based upon a careful site inspection, in-depth historical research, interviews, government records review, interviews, and other sources. LOGIC’s Assessments exceed the standards prescribed the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) and the US Environmental Protection Agency’s All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) standards, established in November 2006. Also, we have completed many projects requiring strict adherence to other client-specific or lender-specific standards. In each case, LOGIC provided a final product which exceeded our client’s expectations.

We recognize that each project presents unique issues, based upon the nature of the property’s current and historical use, location, geology and other factors. We rely upon our broad range of experience with similar properties to add depth and insight to our work. In fact, we have performed hundreds of Phase I Assessments at virtually every type of commercial, residential and industrial site, including manufacturing facilities, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, dry cleaners, agricultural land, landfills and waste handlers, state parks, apartments, warehouses, food and beverage processors, mines, places of worship, assisted living and child care facilities, junkyards, transportation and logistics centers, communications and broadcast sites, historical landmarks and many, many other types of property. In each case, our study is exhaustive and entails a wide array of information sources which take the unique character and history of the property into consideration.

LOGIC also offers the capability to expand our Assessments to meet our client’s particular requirements, including, where appropriate, sampling for asbestos, lead paint, radon, mold and lead in drinking water. LOGIC believes that even the most exhaustive investigation is successful only to the extent that it facilitates our clients’ effective decision-making. For this reason, we present all of our Assessment findings in clear, non-technical language and provide our clients with decisive answers.
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