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Georgia Office

StaffLOGIC‘s Georgia office is huddled in a shady grove near Downtown Duluth, convenient to the Duluth Cemetery and vast expanses of suburban parking. Like the six other, virtually identical structures in our complex, our office is unique. It is undeniably quaint, giving the appearance of a gingerbread office, but actually constructed – as it turns out – of entirely inedible materials. Our office interior is subdivided into various ecological habitat themes, including jungle, forest, savannah, desert and – for our special staff – the abyssopelagic ocean bottom theme. Security is provided by a pudgy beagle whom we wake only in times of dire need.

LOGIC‘s team includes:

Chris Fonzi,

Chris is founder and principal of Logic.  He is a graduate of the University of Florida and the UF School of Law.  He has performed environmental assessments and provided consulting services in more than 20 states during the past 15 years.  He is regarded for his sage leadership and fine singing voice.

Carlos Hidalgo,

Carlos began with Logic as an Environmental Assessor in 2007.   He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and a Masters Degree from Florida State University.  He performs environmental assessments and field technical services.

Carrie Johnston,

Carrie is Logic‘s administrative manager.   She is responsible for vendor coordination, accounts receivable and payable, project tracking, office management, and about 200 other things.

Brandy Lipps,  

Brandy is a graduate of the University of Georgia’s School of Environmental Health Science and has experience in both the laboratory and field investigations. She has been with Logic since 2007, performing environmental assessments and specializing in non-petroleum releases and Brownfields. Her dog, Toby, is currently responsible for office security. 

Angela Greenwalt,  

Angela started at LOGIC as an Environmental Assessor in 2006. She worked with Logic for about 18 months before fleeing, realizing the error of her ways, and returning to Logic in 2011. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in English from the Brenau University in Gainesville. She performs environmental assessments and field technical services. 

Jennifer Schildecker,  

Jenny is British. She lived in Scotland, France, the United Arab Emirates and the Carribean before finding the happiness she had been searching for in Snellville, Georgia. She invaded LOGIC in 2011 and serves as manager of LOGIC’s Geologic Services Department. She earned Bachelor’s degree in Geoscience with a minor in French from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She is making great progress with the American language, ya’ll. 

Mike Tuohy,  

Mike Tuohy is Logic’s Senior Professional Geologist. He is a graduate of Georgia State University and a registered geologist in Georgia. He has been hailed as a prime example of what you get when you hire from Craig’s list. 

Laura Kight,  

After earning her Bachelor's degree 2012, Laura sacrificed a lucrative career in the history/anthropology field to fulfill her dream of performing environmental assessments at LOGIC. She is certified to perform Asbestos Surveys, and routinely provides services on Phase I and Phase II assessments, as well as HSRA issues. 

Samantha Morton,  

Samantha Morton began working at LOGIC in 2014. She graduated from University of Georgia with a bachelors degree in Environmental Science and a certificate in Water Resources. She has a strong passion for the outdoors, environmental stewardship, and the arts. Chris is working on breaking her idealistic spirit. Status: slightly fractured. She performs environmental assessments and field technical services.  

Florida Office

LOGIC‘s Florida office is located near the heart of Downtown Gainesville. . 

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